Wow!! Scared. Nervous. Did I say scared? Yes. Well probably this is going to be one of the few times I have ever written (or said) that word out loud in my 24 years. Yes people…I turned 24!! Almost at my quarter life and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Been so long (years) since I wrote…..but guess what… I am back!!! I feel like the best way I can kick start this amazing story is by taking stock so let rip!


Making: A small yet detailed list of thing I want to see myself doing this year. I will not exactly call them resolutions but just set goal and targets. I think when I call them resolution its like someone has a gun to my head and if  don’t do what I said I would they will pull the trigger. I do plan to share this list with you when I am done as I also feel it’ll help keep me in check and I can engage with you all on the challenges and victories.

Cooking: Well tonight my Mom is doing all the cooking so….

Drinking: Finishing my last (and only) bottle of water. I must say that it has two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar and juice from one lemon squeeze. Yes I am trying to loose weight and get good skin at the same time and so far so good.

Reading: The Art of Asking; a memoir by Amanda Palmer written by Brene Brown. I have dedicated this year to try and read 26 books; one for each letter on the alphabet though they don’t have to start with that exact letter. Reviews shall be given on my reads also 🙂

Wanting: It to be Friday night so I can sleep in all of Saturday

Playing: In terms of games, Hangman Word (expands vocab). In terms of music I have Yuna’s “Crush” feat Usher and Miguel’s “Simple things” on repeat every now and then within the day.

Wasting: Not even a single day thinking of what it could be and trying to make it all real

Wishing: I could loose some inches around my waist as fast as yesterday

Enjoying: Trying out new recipes every other day.

Liking: Being able to go to sleep with a little peace of mind

Waiting: So much for Thursday!!!

Wondering: Why its called Alcoholics Anonymous when the first thing they do is stand up and say “My name is Chris and I’m an alcoholic”

Loving: My face and how smooth it is becoming day by day ( Look at that glow up there!!!)

Hoping: That this first step of writing will lead to consistency all through the year. Also that I will be able to publish relatable and quality content. I am still gathering topics for my categories and I should be done by the end of this week.

Needing: A photographer to work with on this project (though I already have one in mind). Know of any who would be ready to work with an upcoming blog?

Smelling: Brown Chapati made with ghee that we will have for supper. Yummm

Wearing: A light vest and casual sweats

Following: Tatiana Karanja aka MamaOlive…. have you seen Olive you people. Also I think O and Wayne the whiskey man are the Kenyan version of Riley and Steph Curry.

Knowing: That things will only get better from this point

Noticing: That time really doesn’t wait for you. Its already way past half of January so if you are going to do something start already!!!

Thinking: Of how great ill look after shedding off the extra plus my skin glow and how great this year is going to be.

Feeling: Blessed!

Opening: The One Child which is my blog right here. Super thrilled!!!

Giggling: At my friend George’s recent video .The guts in this guy haha


What do you think I am missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in (: