Its sad that my first post has to be about the recent Garissa attacks that happened in our country where 142 potential youth and 5 officers were killed :(. I had the choice to post about anything…the cold weather, forthcoming exams or lawd knows what else my mind would think of blogging about right now but this first publish is dedicated to my classmate and friend who perished that day; ANGELA NYOKABI GITHAKWA.

Jojo is the name we called her back in high school. A jovial spirit she was and her demise has made most, if not all of us who knew her into a sombre mood. She was ever smiling,always happy,always cheerful no one could tell when she was angry or disappointed or sad…she was the perfect definition of an OPTIMIST. And it all fit perfectly with her small self…standing at 5ft2″ the ideal short girl with beautiful skin…always took life one step at a time and never succumbed to the pressures of life or school or the expectations people had for her at the end of the year. She LIVED life. I could go on and on about our sweet friend who we all miss till this day and we will forever miss her.

Day in day out we hear people say that a certain friend died or someone lost their relative…and its not until it happens to us that we get hit hard on the face with what it really means to loose someone you know; that they will never be there ever again; that all that is left is the memories we made with the time we were together and for those of us who are photoholics, we look at the photos each and every minute and it still doesnt sink in that they are no more.

So in loving memory of my sweet little Angie, i have learnt to appreciate life…to be positive and to live today like there is no tomorrow, to be happy..to be OBJECTIVE..haha its funny my bestfriend told me i should learn to be objective some time back but i brushed his smart witts off but now i know what he meant…each day im learning to be kind and to leave a mark; a positive impact in the lives of everybody i know, to appreciate them, to tell them i love them and to mend broken friendships that are true that i havent yet done maybe cause of pride and above all to live life one step at a time. It is said that the good ones go fast so that they can teach the rest of us something; well as sad as it is Angie you taught me a lot and im happy our paths crossed. I bet up in the heavens you are looking down on us and smiling and i know you’ll take care of all of us.


Till we meet again Angie RIP

With love, theonechild