What the Sweat!!

As if my day couldn’t get any sadder, here I am looking at my last supper; a name I have chosen to give the fries I am eating at the moment. The last supper because I will not be having these or any other fries in a very long while. You know the way some people say “That was the last time. Sikunywi pombe tena (I am not drinking alcohol again)”? That is the strong covalent bond I have with fries and my mwitu guy but even strong covalent bonds can scientifically be broken and so we have reached that line where I have to cross and leave my loves behind. Jesus I am almost in tears as I write this.

Back to that part where I was talking about my day being sad. Today I was up sometime around 4ish and I was browsing through looking for inspiration for my next article then I remembered that one of the things I really wanted to get back to as well is being physically fit which would include me burning lots of fat especially around my abdominal area. Now now before someone here gets the wrong impression, I am not against being fat, which I am at the moment, or thick ( this might just go south cause I used word fat) but it just something that doesn’t work for me. Not because almost everyone around me comments on how huge I have become over the past month or two which I totally do not approve of, but because I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin especially when I know I could fit into a particular dress but I cant anymore cause of the weight gain. That and many other factors haha which shall not be discussed cause my mother is probably going to be one of the first to read this article. Hi mom!!

Oh yeah so I was saying; I decided to put on an EDM playlist and went on to do 3 sets of 10 crunches each, 3 sets of planks each 10 seconds and 20 sit ups. I could feel the burn on my lower backside but I remembered no pain no gain. What I saw next broke my heart into the tiniest pieces it has ever been in. I picked up my phone and there was my first notification of the day. It was mail from WebMD Crunches Won’t Burn Belly Fat. These Tips Will. I sat there and stared at that mail for close to a minute thinking “WTH!!1 I just did 30 crunches for nothing??? I specifically held my head in an angle to achieve a perfect crunch… FOR NOTHING???” I wasn’t having it. So there goes my first disappointment of the day. I decided to open the link. Maybe in it there would be something about sit ups or planks being one of the things that could work. It would make me feel so much better. So I did. None of them made it to the 12 tips ☹️

I went back to bed and sat there wondering what to do but then I read through that article again . I also remembered a time when being fit was part of who I was. So this article would not define the necessary steps I would have to take to get to where I want to be. I decided today was going to be my last cheat day (hence the last supper) and I would hit the gym and start my diet tomorrow morning. Something I have learnt to do is weighing the pros and cons then making a decision when I am unable to but this right here did not need any weighing at all. It was final; Both in mind and in spirit.

After deliberating with a few fitness enthusiasts on my contact list (yes you Brian) I figured it would take 8 weeks for me to get to where I want to be; diet (not starving people) and exercise inclusive. This would mean a lot of sacrifice which got me to another point where I felt the pinch. Amongst the things I would have to let go would be anything alcoholic including wine which Brian very much put the point across. There i was again on my computer googling “can I drink and still loose weight?” and then the disappointments still kept coming. Every article I opened gave me a big no to my face.

That being said I have come up with my own challenge 8 week fitness challenge. 2 months of sweat, sweat and more sweat. I look forward to drowning in the sweat and coming out of it a sexy champ! Haha. Do feel free to join me and also follow me on my Snapchat (username: kris_nyakundi) where I will be posting my daily work out routine and on my Instagram where I will be posting my meal plans. Also worry not for those who do not have social media accounts: I will be posting a weekly update on the process and exercises done with photos haha.

Its New Year’s Eve to my future fit self and we (me, my future strong core and I) just cant wait to start.

Quick disclaimer: If I haven’t written another article by Tuesday tops, do know that I was thrown out of the house for using dinner money to buy all the constituents of the last supper which were not all mentioned for this sole purpose. Put me in your prayers

Also other than my fitness challenge I am also participating in Rookie’s 52 Week Money Challenge and so far so great! Try it with me and see how far you can go as well.

Okay I got to go look for mint leaves for my drinking water and buy some fruits for some smoothies. Till next time, Let’s sweat it!!

Your girl Kris 😊


3 thoughts on “What the Sweat!!

  1. Hahahahahah that was like I just ate a Double Cheese Steers burger… the article felt so real yet so undeniably impressive! I like the fact about the hustle and bussle of the 8 week fittness challenge and also the idea of cutting down on unnecessary intakes, nice insight but the lucrative one was the mwitu part…. That is soo you Kristy 😂😂😂😂 Good stuff though! .. i feel this blog going places. Cheers.


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