Conspiracy theory 1: The rich will always remain rich and the poor will always remain poor

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to start a savings investment group with some of my acquaintances (practicing what i preach so i wont necessary call all of them friends😁) but somewhere along the way some of us didn’t take it seriously and we have had to absolve these groups…twice 😒. Now my reasons for wanting to have an active savings investment group are among many, to purchase an asset who’s value appreciates with time or to start a business…main reason being to have an extra source of income other than when I’ll be employed. I’m that type of girl who wants to be her own boss. I don’t want to be employed forever and for me to start my empire I have to start now when my energy and mind power is at it’s high. I’ll work for someone but not for long (future boss you better be reading this😂😝)

Did you know that 96% of rich people remain and a relatively same percent of poor people remain poor? Yes!.it’s actually very true. The question is: how is this true? Why is it like that? You are asking the wrong question people…you should be asking how do I become rich and how do I maintain it?

Well I’ll answer all the questions above…answers I got from a book or two and from some advice I got from my mom the other day when she was talking to me about the company I should keep around me(love you mom 😘)

A certain sociological study states that if you took all the money in the world away from everybody and divided it equally among the total world population (7 billion as per October 31st 2011) that in 5years it would be redistributed almost exactly as it was before it was taken away. Sad fact ey? So which leaves us with the question how do rich people spend their money or how do they remain rich?

You see poor people are unhappy with their financial and living situation so when they get their hands on money what they want to do is to improve their living standard. 90% of poor people who win the lottery will transform their lives…but they will focus on liquid assets. They’ll move to a bigger house,buy a bigger phone, buy expensive clothes and shoes, buy a car( I find it extremely ironical that someone would prefer paying rent and have a car to using public means and buy a bag of cement every week to build/buy his own house…misplaced priorities right there) or buy human hair weaves. The poor want to show those around them,who also happen to be the poor, that they are in a better situation cause hey “I don’t need you anymore I just won the lottery” Rich people on the other hand want to maintain their wealth so when rich people win the lottery they also improve their living standards; only difference is they do it while focusing and thinking of the future. Oh yea before I forget watching Will Smith’s focus could also teach a thing or two if your eyes are mentally open. So how do they improve their situation? They invest in property, fine art pieces, stocks, bonds, equities, purchase of land, expand their business, start new businesses and they turn to their fellow rich to ask for tips on how to make more out of what they already have. Dont get it twisted: rich people need other rich people in order to remain rich..that is a fact.

Why can’t poor people; who are the majority, become rich when there are few rich people “standing in their way”? I saw this question in a certain article and the out of all the answers I came up with,these seemed to be the most common reasons why…ignorance,arrogance,misplaced priorities and lack of focus. These sums up every other reason you could come up with. What then can poor people (or even you…yes you that is reading this article) do to become rich?

1. Invest in knowledge. Information is power. Read as much as you can whenever you can.
Some of you will say you are not readers; which is another thing poor people excuses…so if you do not have the concentration power then whenever you sit down with your group of friends or when you meet new people exchange ideas, talk about things that will make you grow mentally and physiologically. Always make sure that you can contribute to a meaningful conversation. You never know who you sit next to. They might be an investor looking for a business partner. I highly recommend reading lots of books though.
The white man said if you want to hide something from an African hide it in the book..they didn’t say that for nothing.

2. Properly arrange your priorities. Especially us young people. We want to be the future with slogans like “Vision 2030” but we are more focused on dressing better than Stacy or looking as cool as Drake or having a booty like Nicki Minaj…misplaced priorities guys. How about start a group in your neighbourhood to clean up the street and get paid by your MCA’s or join a book club…there’s always somewhere to start.

These other points I collected from Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad”:D
3. The Cash Flow Quadrant. “Be-Do-Have” you want to Be rich you have to Do what the rich do and you’ll Have what the rich have.

4. Decide the money problems you want have. You either want to have too much or not enough. Choices!  Choices!

5. Write down your plans and follow them. If you have to go all MaryJanePaul and put sticky notes everywhere as a constant reminder then do it!

6. Choose your friends and business partners wisely. We covered that in the last article.

7. Give yourself time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day

8. Start small, dream big. Don’t be afraid to start but once you do don’t stop. Keep going!

9. To expand, you must contract. You will have to forgive your past; all the wrong choices you made. Make peace with your past then be disciplined.

10. When you’ve made it Share! Share! Share!. The more you share the richer you become. That answers my friend who asked why rich people give so much to charity. The hand that gives receives.

Now hope that is good enough motivation to start your week off and the remaining half of the year…184 days gone 182 to go…make that step!

Anyone serious about a savings investment group? :mrgreen::) Call me

With love,
The One Child


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