she was barely 25….she had just started enjoying her 20’s..looking foward to graduating and was in a relationship….not just any relationship…her’s was enviable. and that was not something she said to make herself happy. she saw it all around her….her friend’s, her mates friends…..and she too was happy. you know the way we watch movies and read books as kids about the charming prince. well she had found least thats what she thought and felt…her paartner i crime,shoulder to lean on,key to the lock…..those are just but some words that could describe it.and it was not until that night that she finally realised what all this really was…

they had been together a few days back and as she escorted him to the bus stop that evening they engage3d in a little chit chat and she stopped and said to him “promise me that youll come as agreed”…he looked her straight in the eye. hugged her and said “i promise”. they had reached the bus stop and it was time for him to go. she had never been good at goodbyes and so as soon as he boarded she crossed the road and walked back home; never turning to look at him….she could as well wait..he had promised that he was going to come back the next day.

she was smiling and saying hi to the little kids who knew her that she met along her way…she was jolly..she couldn’t wait to spend the whole weekend with him. well, most of us would think bla bla bla they stayed indoors, had endless sex, bought a bottle of 20-year-old whisky and slept the weekend away..but that was contrary to what they did….they did all sorts of things…their’s was a fun kind of relationship…they would occasionally get that bottle but they never lost sight of life…they went to parks, played intellectual games like chess, discussed history and philosophised to the wisemen quotes, go to new towns and see the people’s lifestyle, go to the dam and sit on their spot and watch the sunset….and when they wanted to get away from it all they would go to their “spots”..haha that’s what i remember her call it…”we have spots where we go and lock ourselves out from the rest of the world and its all about us” and it was beautiful. they had their rough patches and they’d go for hours sometimes even days without seeing each other but they always found a way to walk around it. i mean..isn’t this enviable? in this day and age where most young people know little to nothing about what a relationship entails…they seemed to have it all figured out.

she got home and started to look through her clothes on what she would wear that weekend…he always told her she looked beautiful in whatever she chose to wear but she was always happy to go that extra mile…and as night fell, she couldn’t wait for morning. Morning came..she was up early and ready to host her guest for the weekend….she cleaned up and by the time she was done he had not arrived. “right on time,” she said to herself and she got ready for him. 1400hrs, 1500hrs,1600hrs..he still hadn’t arrived…could something have happened to him? but she was calm…knowing him, she knew that he probably had to run a few errands as he would be away from home for most part of the weekend…1630hrs..she was getting worried and he was offline but he left him a few messages and laid back waiting for his response.

1700hrs,1800hrs,1900hrs,1930hrs…she checked online if he had replied her messsages or at least even seen them..he hadn’t…and so she put up a movie,curled herself in her douvet and grabbed the computer…decided she’d write something down…writing always gave her an inner sense of peace,calmness and clarity. “i know he cant stand me up…i just hope whatever reason he didn’t come that nothing is wrong at home..or nothing happened to him along the way”she said to herself. but she still couldn’t stop the questions that were running through her mind…why didn’t he come? could something have happened to him on his way? or had it been too much to ask of him to come back the next day? he had never failed to show up and he was always on time…and he had promised…what could have happened??? the only solace she had for that moment in time was the warmth she got from her douvet…”babe, where on earth could you be? :-(”

to be continued….yours truly

the one child


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