In the Beginning…

Don’t let the name of the title fool you :D…I will not be writing about the Bible…at least not today. I had intended to name this article “LIFE” but there is so much I can say about life I’m not sure an article is enough.
I got the inspiration for this article from an hour long conversation I had with a friend of mine who I met on my way home yesterday evening. After exchange of greetings and a little catch up he bombarded me saying that it was his birthday. The reason I use the word bombarded is I prefer having such dates on my calendar for my friends and I prepare something special in advance for them. I said a happy birthday and went ahead to ask him why he hadn’t told me in advance of his special day; his response “birthdays are for girls :)” and believe me when I say the smile on his face was biiig and he even afforded a giggle. For those who know me I gave him this look that sent a message that he should retract that statement fast unless he was up for a debate. Retract he did but what he said was still debatable..”Its not a big deal,” he said “its just a day like any other.” Excuse me?!!
I find it very ironical that when there is an upcoming concert or event people go out of their way to make their hair, buy an outfit just for the event, some even take loans or hire cars just to attend the event in style BUT some of these same people donot celebrate the day that led to their existence :o. I mean if we were not born we would have no idea of all these parties and fashion and “mottos” eg YOLO.
I also find it very ironical that we celebrate halloween(not sure I spelt it right), independence day,our first kiss, how long we’ve been celibate, and even celebrity birthdays but we don’t celebrate our own! Hey even Jesus Christ celebrates his birthday and He is, a mere mortal who’s life is limited doesnot?!
The reason as to why most of us have misplaced priorities is because we donot know what we want in this life and how can we know what we want when we don’t know the reason of our mere existence? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against partying and all..I’m just against people not knowing why they are alive..people not knowing the reasons they need to be alive. Ask yourself “what am I living for?” While I’m alive what do I want to achieve? It doesn’t have to be anything to do with academics. Education is important people. But not everyone is blessed in that direction. Some of us are good at art, sports, research..we are all good at something and so I think that we have one day in a year for a reason and everybody ought to celebrate it.
Most young people’s defintion of celebrating their birthdays is having a super event with a dress code and letting others know and posting photos on social media…darn it! Social media is taking over people’s creativity and personality. My definition of celebrating is taking some time off and having some personal space for some self know..thinking about how blessed you are to be alive, how far you have come since you were a child, how far you’d like to go, what you can do to empower yourself, how to be a better you than you were the previous year..I mean you can treat yourself to a litre of icecream or a movie…just take sometime to yourself and enjoy your own company, then you can go party with family and friends later on. A little self love never killed nobody..think about it you were born alone and you’ll die alone..yes that’s the truth so why can’t you spend a little time alone on that one day and not feel bored?
I am looking foward to my birthday(its soo far :() cause I know its the one day in a year when I can have me time with no pressure of any kind and celebrate myself.
Well, as for my friend he hit me up today and told me he did some good meditation after our conversation and he felt good doing something new and If you try it I bet you’ll feel good about yourself too.
Till next time its been real

With ❤ the one child
(Feel free to post your comments on the article)


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